Harlem's Hair Care

Harlem’s Hair Care was humbly started 25 years ago in the downtown area of Yeadon Borough. This salon was founded on a love of all things natural hair care; centered around quality care with a specialty in precise trims. Over the years through continuous commitment and innovation Harlem’s has created a name for itself with an amazing rapport.

We work to create a coherent experience for all of our clients where they can expect to receive the same dedication and quality treatment each time they patronize our salon no matter the stylist. These standards are held closely by every licensed stylist and become a top priority for the team. On the other hand, each client can also expect treatment personally tailored to their specific needs. We take the time to figure out each client’s hair journey, what goals they want to achieve and how we can be of assistance.

“We’re not just stylists, we’re hair doctors.”

Creating an enriching environment for our staff and clients is another interest Harlem’s holds. A significant amount of consideration is taken into the various products we use in the salon. Our products evolve with time due to constant research but will always include vitamins, moisturizers, and proteins while still maintaining a lightweight quality. We work for the clients to feel educated and involved in their hair care and use our knowledge to discuss the course of treatment that best suits their hair currently.

What sets Harlem’s apart from other salons is our stylist-client relationships. It’s more than just a hairstyle; with our clients, we create a safe space for them to explore all their hair desires.